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Milley Trucking - Family Owned Since 1928

Milley Trucking has remained a small company centered around customer relationships and quality service for the people of Chatham and surrounding towns.

Clifford Milley started this business in the backyard of a Main Street Chatham home nearly a century ago. The business began with a small pickup truck and stake body. With this truck, Cliff provided the Chatham community with solutions for disposal and recycling.

With Clifford’s passing, son Timothy stepped to the plate and led Milley Trucking to become the business it is today. Gone are the days of pickup trucks and stake bodies. Newer purpose-built garbage trucks, with automated can lifters and compaction systems, provide clean and efficient disposal services for residential and commercial accounts. Additionally, specialized hook-lift trucks provide large 15- —to 30-yard dumpsters for commercial construction debris jobs.

Timothy’s son, Graeme, now handles the company’s day-to-day operations. A Clemson University graduate with 15 years of experience in the waste industry, Graeme provides a modernized approach to the company.

By choosing Milley Trucking, you’re not just opting for superior service; you’re also supporting the broader Cape Cod community. Unlike larger disposal firms that may seem local but fall short in customer care, we are true locals committed to you.

Remember, when you support us, you’re supporting Cape Cod. Don’t be misled by larger companies with only a superficial presence in our area. Choose genuine local service. Choose Milley Trucking.